Route of the Mills - Turismo Arroyo de la Luz. Todo lo que somos
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Route of the Mills

Route of the Mills


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We start from the Arroyo de la Luz Industrial Estate, taking the dirt road parallel to the EX 207 highway, towards Cáceres. We continue along this road straight ahead until we reach the Casillas river, once here we turn right following the course of the river river, leaving a bridge on the left.

The route runs along footpaths and passable stone paths, whenever the river allows us to do so. Throughout the route we can find five flour mills that formerly supplied the population with flour and are currently in poor condition and no longer used. In some of them we can find inscriptions with the date of construction.

Following the path we find a stream that accompanies one of the mills where we can see a large number of American crabs.

After crossing the Casillas river by the last mill, we walk along a path until we reach a concrete bridge and we take the track to the right until we reach a second concrete bridge over the Pontones river and Quebrada pond, already in the vicinity of the town. We continue straight ahead passing by Calle Tenerías and crossing the local road, Carretera de Aliseda, up to Calle Castillo. Leaving Cruz de Leche on the left, we arrive at a crossroads and turn left until we reach a small square and we will continue straight ahead until we reach the San Francisco Convent. Leaving the convent behind us, we continue straight ahead along Calle Castillo where we can find the ruins of the Castle and different palatial houses.We turn right towards Plaza Mayor enjoying the popular architecture of the town. We will take the first street to the left and the next to the right until we reach the Plaza.

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